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Kevin M. Cronin, Principal of Fortaris Capital Advisors, oversees a boutique business intelligence and investigative firm based out of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, with operations on the east and west coast. Cronin continually has been recognized for providing clients a competitive business advantage.

After 20+ years of government service, Cronin transitioned his law enforcement career to the private sector, specializing in domestic and foreign corporate investigations, background check dossiers, crisis management, threat and risk assessment, asset searches, brand protection, surveillance, counter-surveillance measures, executive protection and everything security related. Cronin has successfully led numerous criminal and corporate fraud, espionage, embezzlement, theft, insider trading, digital forensics and cyber security investigations assuring his clients access to world-class expertise helping mitigate the significant risks of today's volatile business environment.

Kevin holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from Michigan State University and a Bachelors or Arts in Criminal Justice degree from Concordia University. As a former Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Inspector General, Cronin held a Top-Secret Security Clearance for the United States Government.

Cronin built Fortaris Capital Advisors from the core principals learned from his law enforcement career and business background to serve the private sector and provide a diversified industry expertise protecting people, assets, and investments, while providing them with competitive advantage.