We take a methodical approach that incorporates planning, procedures and training designed to reduce business vulnerability.  Our skilled investigation team made up of former federal, state, and local law enforcement professionals and former prosecutors and attorneys enables conflict resolution through investigations and diligence.

We perform critical analysis and fact finding to provide diligence and information to resolve critical business dilemmas, decisions and disputes.

  • Internal and external corporate investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Fraud and white-collar investigations
  • Insurance investigations
  • Asset searches, asset location and protection
  • Physical and electronic surveillance and counter measures
  • High risk terminations and succession
  • Asset Protection
Litigation Support

Fortaris Capital Advisors’ professionals deliver sophisticated and objective expertise to clients and their outside counsel to assist in the resolution of litigation, arbitration, mediation, contract disputes and claims arising in bankruptcies, insolvencies, M&A transactions and other circumstances.  We bring keen business insight and deep-rooted analytical expertise to the most demanding situations.

Fortaris Capital Advisors assists attorneys and their clients as consulting and testifying experts in complex business litigation and disputes.

Our clients range from stakeholders in mid-sized businesses, private equity portfolio companies to Fortune 500 companies, including boards, committees, companies, creditors, debtors, examiners, independent directors, litigation trusts, regulators, trustees, receivers and other parties to litigation, investigations or disputes, as well as counsel representing their interests.

Fortaris Capital Advisors assists clients and counsel throughout the litigation or dispute process:

  • Investigation of potential causes of action
  • Early case assessment and strategy
  • Discovery support (including eDiscovery)
  • Quantification of damages
  • Preparation of expert reports and rebuttal reports
  • Expert testimony
  • Forensic interviews and polygraphs
  • Alternative dispute resolution.


  • Pre-deal due diligence
  • Post-acquisition disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Statutory appraisal.
Business Intelligence

Business intelligence can be used by enterprises to support a wide range of business decisions ranging from operational to strategic.  Strategic business decisions involve priorities, goals, and directions at the broadest level. In all cases, business intelligence is most effective when it combines data derived from the market in which a company operates. Fortaris Capital Advisors combines business intelligence and competitive intelligence which is the systematic collection and analysis of information from multiple sources, and a coordinated competitive intelligence defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors, geopolitical landscape and regions with any aspect of the environment needed to support executives in strategic decision making for an organization.

Our objective is to provide executives with strategic knowledge and understanding what is happening in the world outside the business to increase one's competitiveness. It means learning as much as possible, as soon as possible, about one's external environment including one's industry in general and relevant competitors.

Security Solutions

Fortaris Capital Advisors provides a suite of services to manage security risks to businesses and individuals and their most important assets on a global basis. Our professionals comprised of federal, state, local law enforcement, and corporate security provides support across a broad spectrum of security planning and response services.

Vulnerability and Threat Assessments

We identify preemptive security measures that result in actionable business intelligence and recommendations to companies, so they can protect people, assets and infrastructure.

  • Comprehensive background checks at all levels
  • Security engineering, design and analytics
  • Executive protection
  • Travel intelligence briefs, domestic and international
  • Geo-political and regional assessments
  • Business continuity planning
  • Loss prevention
  • Private equity target company due diligence
  • Asset Protection
Crisis Management Planning and Response

We help companies structure and implement key communication and contingency strategies in the event of emergencies – supplementing internal response teams and accelerating the stabilization of operations.

  • Asset and enterprise security
  • Vendor, customer and partner coordination/communication
  • Remedial internal control and security implementation
  • Supply chain
  • Fraud identification and prevention